I am an abstract impressionistic painter working in oil on canvas, acrylic and watercolor on paper, and cyanotype mixed media.  I live in Greenville, South Carolina with my husband and two little girls (and bunny, Max) and work out of an 1890's white-washed studio called the White Whale.  

Most of my days are ordered by the daylight - painting hours carved out of life's other work.  The sun filters through the studio windows, bringing with it light and inspiration, specking shadows and brightness on the floor that is also covered with canvases, paints left out by my young daughters, and works-in-progress.  

I create art to satisfy a need deep in my soul to create, to use my hands to say, with color and form, something that my words cannot.   

Painting brings me peace and gives me time to meditate on the beauty in the world and the grace I feel while living in it.  My highest goal is to convey that same peace and grace to the viewer.  

I first fell in love with painting when I realized I could create something tangible and physical but also emotional and spiritual on canvas.





I grew up traveling and moving for much of my life.  We lived in several different states as well as various locations in the middle east.  Experiencing a variety of cultures, lifestyles, and seeing a wide scope of the world has increased my appreciation for art, for the landscapes that unite us, and our innate human connection to land and nature.

After receiving my BA degree in Two Dimensional Fine Art in 2008 I went on to teach art to both children and adults for two years.  Along with teaching, I also created a painting-a-day for many months (while my first born daughter was still a baby and our days were very slow and gentle) which helped to develop my painting style and abilities as well as establish myself as a professional working artist in a very organic way. 

We then moved to West Texas where I began my blog, Beautiful Hello which focused on art, design, and supporting the vibrant creative community.

In 2010 we moved back to the East Coast (to Charleston, SC) and then to Greenville, SC where I currently work out of the White Whale Studios & Gallery.   In 2012, I co-founded Trouvé Magazine with my friend Amanda Marko but stepped away from roles there to focus solely on my art in early 2013.  

My work has been shown in several galleries including Art & Light Gallery (Greenville, SC), Peyton Williams Gallery (Charleston, SC), Gallery Twelve 21 (Orlando, FL), NOD Studio, (Chicago), and Eliott Fouts Gallery (Sacramento, CA).

a huge thank you to:

Chris Isham - photography 
Paige French - photography
The Traveling Storytellers - video directed by Sam Windell