Instagram for Creatives, 101


Instagram for Creatives, 101


Creative friends, if your hope is to connect with collectors + customers in a genuine and effective conversation, to share your work and passion, and to grow your business through Instagram, then this is the class for you!  

Marketing your skills, artwork, and creativity can feel effortless and organic and Instagram is my personal favorite way to do that.

The goal for this course is to help you gain a clear idea of how Instagram can become a powerful and inspiring tool for you & for your business.  

While growth often leads to sales and financial success, this is not a course on sales tactics or slimy marketing.  This is a course about using a simple tool (instagram) to share your passion.  If you can do that, the rest will fall into place and you will see growth.  



A bit of my story: In Jan 2014 I had a few hundred Instagram followers and I posted a hodgepodge of images. I began to understand the beauty and power of this platform and started majorly refining the photos I was posting & why I choose them.  
Investing time and thought into my IG content led to 63,000+ followers, the ability to financially support my family and our travels, many new friendships, collaborations with large brands, and, most importantly, I gained  invaluable personal clarity as to what my studio represents and what I create.
When you share something publicly and consistently,
it begins to take deep roots.


Covered in "Instagram for Creatives, 101":

  • Philosophy and purpose (Why and how Instagram should be part of your marketing plan)
  • Sharing your passion and seeing growth as a result
  • Developing your aesthetic
  • Telling your story 
  • Defining what to share & how to share it in order to grow to your business

("Instagram For Creatives, 102" covers: Running a successful giveaway/events on instagram, Selling your work on Instagram & because of Instagram, various apps, photo editing, logistics about when and how to post for best success...)

Last year I taught this class to over 300 creative entrepreneurs.  I have gotten nothing but tremendous feedback from the students and have watched them grow in amazing ways! 

This is not a numbers-driven marketing scheme.  It is a way of thinking about your work, your content, and your audience in a passionate and unique way.   

Logistics & Details:

  • The class is held LIVE online via GoToMeeting
  • 45 minutes of content given by me and illustrated beautifully
  • 15-30 minutes of Q&A
  • After the class I'll send you an ebook covering all the content & resources we discussed in the class as well as some (optional) homework assignments.  


March 28th 9:00 pm (est)


Once you complete your order there is no need for you to do anything else until the day of the class.  I will send you an email the day before with log-on instructions and further info.  From there, just be sure to be at your computer with good internet connection and a cup of coffee! I'll do all the rest.  

Talk with you soon!

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