Creatives Roundtable (small group consultation)

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Creatives Roundtable (small group consultation)


Start the new year off with as much passion, inspiration, and creativity as possible!


A small group round-table conversation about creative entrepreneurship, storytelling, and social media; perfect for artist, makers, and creatives.


Your audience wants to get to know you – to share in your passion and to catch your vision.  Let's talk about ways to do this clearly, naturally, and elegantly.  I’ll share my past successes and failures as well as ways to I have grown my studio and audience super organically.  

Big focusses:

Branding (in a non-nasty way!)

Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook)

Storytelling and engaging your audience

Marketing (holidays, online events, pop-up shops, email…)


This listing is your reservation for a small-group 60 minute long consultation and discussion via Google Hangout video chat.  I'll also send you a beautiful PDF and a full resource list of things that have helped me immensely.  I will be leading the discussion and will be as helpful as possible, but the truly beautiful thing about this kind of class is the collaborative input from others - so get ready to add your wisdom and the receive a beautiful collection of input from others as well!

Limited to 9 people so we can get to know each other and your questions can be answered by all.

After the class, I will send you a PDF full of all the info we cover, a creative business resource list, and access to the vibrant Creatives Club on Facebook.  It's a super beautiful community of artists who are growing, encouraging, and enabling each other. 

I can't wait to talk with you!


January 19th, 12:30 pm (eastern time)

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