The Clementine Palette, fine art print

The Clementine Palette, fine art print

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The Clementine Palette is warm and sweet, tangy and bright.  The colors swirl and blend together while still remaining fresh and bright.  

As an artist, I find a lot of clarity and poetry in the paint palette.  This is the start of my inspiration; the root of every painting - and it has become Art in-and-of itself to me.  

Reproduced in two sizes:

5.5x5.5 and 12x12 - Giclee print on heavy 100% cotton rag watercolor paper  (please allow 7-10 business days for the 10x10 - 12x12 options as it they are printed to order by our local printing house - full bleed)


Don't forget to choose your frame!  A good frame is so important to make your artwork fit your home perfectly, from the day it arrives.    


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